Our trout

Our trout (Onchoryncus mykiss) is from the same family as salmon, sea trout and char.  In the wild it lives in clean, well-oxygenated rivers and lochs, feeding on insects and small fish, and spawns in rivers in the same way as salmon do – moving from salt to fresh water to do so.

The adult fish are highly adaptable, and can live in either fresh or sea water.  Fish living in fresh water tend to be referred to as Freshwater or Rainbow Trout.  Fish growing in seawater or brackish water (a combination of fresh and saltwater) are what we call Loch Trout.  They tend to be much larger than freshwater trout and are very similar to salmon in size and appearance, which is why they’re also known as Salmon Trout – or as Ocean Trout (Australia) or Steelhead (United States).

Our freshwater and large loch trout is

  • Premium quality and sushi grade.
  • Responsibly, ethically and sustainably raised and handled.
  • Fully traceable.
  • Unique in colour, size and taste.
  • Available fresh all year round.
  • Low in saturated fat and high in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals.
  • Scottish.

Our community

We believe in giving something back to the communities in which our businesses are based.

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