As the largest trout producer in the UK, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We work with monitoring and welfare bodies and partners in the industry to lead the way on best practise.

Ethics & welfare

We have our own fish health & welfare manager as part of the team, with additional (external) veterinary support to ensure that we achieve the best ethical standards for our farms.  We monitor constantly to ensure that these standards are maintained.

  • Regular vet site visits and health monitoring.
  • Staff training on fish health, welfare and bio-security.
  • Site-specific health plans.
  • Full laboratory and clinic diagnosis service.
  • On-going water-quality monitoring.
  • RSPCA Assured – the first for trout.
  • Highly sustainable feed with a low marine index, supplied by fisheries certified as sustainable and free from pests and disease, genetically modified organisms and artificial pigment.
  • Fish raised from certified disease-free stock.
  • Do not use antibiotics for prophylactic treatments.


As with Dawnfresh as a whole, sustainability and environmental protection are a core part of our business, and especially important to the farming division.

  • GLOBALG.A.P. accreditation.
  • ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • Waste reduction targets.
  • Recycling targets.
  • Water quality management.
  • Control of feed, medication and stock to minimise contaminants.
  • Use of sustainable and responsible feeds.
  • No live feed or live bait, to eliminate any risk of parasites.
  • All fish stocks securely contained.
  • Engagement with local communities through employment and CSR.

Monitoring, accreditations & certifications

All of our farms confirm to the Code of Good practice and are fully compliant with UK and EU legislation, and we apply our own stringent standards which go above and beyond that. All our sites are monitored regularly for welfare, water quality, and environmental impact. We believe that no other UK or Irish trout farm can meet these highly responsible and independently audited standards.

  • Regular monitoring by SEPA and Marine Scotland. 
  • Voluntary monitoring by independent third parties. 
  • SSPO Code of Good Practise.
  • Quality Trout UK farm & hatchery certification standards.
  • Worked with RSPCA to establish RSPCA Assured standards for trout farming.

Our community

We believe in giving something back to the communities in which our businesses are based.

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