Our farms

There was a time when fish farming used to get a bad press - but we believe  properly managed aquaculture is the responsible way to ensure sufficient long-term food stocks without depleting natural resources for future generations. 

Our farms

We have 7 fish farms and hatcheries in Scotland and Northern Ireland, all of which provide employment for the local communities in which they’re based. We raise freshwater trout at Tervine, Braevallich and Loch Earn, and loch trout at Loch Etive.

We farm in a way which mimics the way our fish would live naturally, with flowing water and low stocking densities, because we think it's the right thing to do and because it gives a better quality, tastier fish.

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Our principles

We farm responsibly.  Our hatcheries are land-based, but all our farms are designed to be as close to nature as possible, with pens in open, natural flowing water.

We allow our fish to grow slowly, to develop their unique flavour, and operate to the highest welfare standards in the UK.

All of our harvest farms are certified for SSPO’s Code of Good Practise certification for aquaculture, and we work at a much lower stocking density than ‘traditional’ land-based farms.

We raised the bar for fish welfare in the industry by working with the RSPCA to develop a new RSPCA Assured standard for trout.

We are open and transparent, and are monitored regularly by independent and third party auditors for fish welfare, water quality and environmental impact.

Sustainability is important to us as a farming business. Our GLOBALG.A.P. accredition ensures that our farms are managed according to world recognised Good Agricultural Practices in a number of areas including; food safety, animal welfare, environmental and ecological care, and occupational health and safety. 

Our trout is one of the lowest impact farmed meats available, due to the methods we use and a high feed conversion rate.  We also have rigorous standards for waste reduction and recycling, which are reviewed regularly.

All of our fish is fully traceable.  We use certified disease-free stock with stringent health management systems, and use sustainable feeds.

Our community

We believe in giving something back to the communities in which our businesses are based.

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